Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Builder and architect, of Dublin, and apparently the son of BENJAMIN EATON[2]. 'B BENJAMIN EATON[2]. 'B enjamin Eaton, junior', was, as the eldest surviving son of a freeman and a member of the Guild of Carpenters, admitted a freeman of the City of Dublin at Michaelmas 1822.(1) Pigot & Co.'s City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory (1824), lists Benjamin Eaton, junior, as a builder in Dublin, working from the same premises as Benjamin Eaton, senior. He is described both as a builder and an architect in subsequent directory entries. He appears to have retired from business by 1849.(2)

Addresses: 6 Prince's Street North, 1824; Prince's Street South(sic) and City Quay, 1830-32 ; 8 Princes' Street South(sic) and City Quay, 1833-34; 67 Charlemont Street, 1835-37; 8 Prince's Street, 1836-7; 8 Prince's Street North and 67 Charlemont Street, 1839; 8 Prince's Street North and Brighton Terrace, Monkstown, 1841; 8 Prince's Street North, 1844; 30 Prince's Street North and Brighton Terrace, Monkstown, 1847; 8 Brighton Terrace, Monkstown, 1853.


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(2) His name ceases to appear in the list of architects in Thom's Directory for 1849; in the Post Office Annual Directory for 1853 he is simply listed as Benjamin Eaton, Esq., at 8 Brighton Tce, Monkstown.
(3) From Wilson's, Post Office, Pettigrew & Oulton's and Thom's directories.