Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Builder and architect, of Cork. David Deane (or Dean, as the name was originally spelt) was the second son of Alexander Dean, a customes official at Donaghadee, Co. Down, who moved to Co. Cork at some point after David's birth. The family was presumably resident in Co. Cork before 1755 when David Deane married Mary, daughter of William Kearns of Cork and sister of WILLIAM KEARNS WILLIAM KEARNS , builder and architect. David Deane established himself as a builder and architect in Cork and founded a dynasty of builders and architects which lasted well into the twentieth century. His eldest son, WILLIAM DEANE WILLIAM DEANE , and his second son ALEXANDER DEANE[1]  ALEXANDER DEANE[1] were likewise builders and architects in Cork. David Deane died on 31 January 1800,(1) his wife having predeceased him on 6 February 1793.(2)


All information in this entry not otherwise accounted for, is from the genealogical account of the Deane family in IB 43, 13 Feb 1901, 633-635. The article forms the basis of an article in The Cork Historical and Archaeological Society Journal 21 (Oct-Dec 1915), 180-186. See also Frederick O'Dwyer, The Architecture of Deane and Woodward (Cork University Press, 1997), 2, where Deane is described as being of Castle Hyde, Co. Cork.

(1) E.Mc P files, citing Hibernian Chronicle, Monday, 3 Feb 1800, and Cork Evening Post, 3 Feb 1800.
(2) Hibernian Chronicle, 7 Feb 1793 (IAA, Edward McParland files, Acc. 2008/44).  She was buried in St Paul's church, Cork (information from Hector Deane, Aug 2009).

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Date: 1777;1781
Nature: DD responsible for minor building work.
Refs: NA/PRO (Kew) Cust. 1.141 & Cust.1.159 (IAA, Edward McParland files, Acc.2008/44)