Dictionary of Irish Architects 1720 - 1940

Civil engineer, of London, for biography of whom see Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. William Cubitt appeared as witness and proponent before the Dublin and Kingstown Ship Canal Committee in 1833(1) and published a Report on Dublin Harbourin 1835…He produced plans for Belfast Harbour in 1838(2) and was engineer to the Ulster Canal Company from 1846 or earlier until 1861.(3) He was also the author of a report on the Shannon.(4) He was elected a member of the Royal Irish Academy in 1833.(5) In 1857 he acted as assessor for the Derry bridge competition.(6)



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Author Title Date Details
Cubitt, William [Report on the Dublin and Kingston ship canal] 1833 [London], [1833].
Cubitt, William Report on Dublin Harbour 1835 1835. (8vo pamphlet.)
Cubitt, William Report of Mr William Cubitt on the projected improvement of the harbour of Wexford 1838 1838.
Cubitt, William, & Barlow, Peter William Proposed new bridge at Londonderry 1857 1857.